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Waste Removal Conveyors for Covpress

June 11, 2013

If you’re a regular follower of our conveyors blog, you may remember a bespoke, heavy duty swan neck conveyor we produced for midlands-based automotive parts manufacturer, Covpress. It was a very serious piece of kit, and it’s no secret that any heavy industry specification conveyor will have cost a pretty penny or two. So before they trusted us with that heavy duty project, Covpress commissioned CCL to produce eight medium duty waste removal conveyors.

Swan Neck Conveyor

Just like the heavy duty conveyor, these eight medium duty conveyors were required to convey waste scraps of metal from industrial press machinary. There was however an additional factor. The conveyors needed to be movable. They would only be employed in one particular circumstance.

The presses that these conveyors were intended to service worked with both mild steel and aluminium. If you’re business does not acquire significant quantities of metal on a regular basis you can be forgiven for not knowing that the cost of aluminium is far higher than that of mild steel. Any off-cuts and scrap aluminium is still very valuable when sold on to a materials recycling business. The trouble is, whereas in the past you could simply dump all your scrap metal together for recycling, today each metal has to be seperated out. Any cross contamination of materials will bring the scrap value of the more expensive material – aluminium – down to the value of the cheaper mild steel. When your dealing with vast quantities of aluminium the scrap value really adds up, so it makes economical and environmental sense to separate the two metals.

Swan Neck Conveyor Swan Neck Conveyor

Previously all scrap metal was sent down to a underground waste area (just as we described in our blog about the heavy duty conveyor for Covpress). This is fine if the press is only working with one metal, but if two metals are to be used you need an alternative. Creating additional underground waste areas for aluminium was out of the question, so the only option available was a floor level solution. To this end CCL designed a twin conveyor combination system. The first conveyor was designed to move the scrap metal from floor level – where the waste materials would collect from the press – along to a second, swan neck conveyor, which would raise the scrap up along a conveyor belt. At the top of this conveyor the waste material would fall through a guide box, in to a stillage cage or skip below. When the press has finished working with aluminium, the conveyors can be wheeled away, so that the press can resume working with mild steel, with all scraps collected in the usual, underground waste area.

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