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Waste recycling conveyors for Pioneer Polymers

April 14, 2014

The last decade has seen an explosion in the growth of materials recovery facility (MRF) and waste recycling businesses. As the world has woken up to the need to protect the environment, so too have the business opportunities in this booming sector increased. As part of their expansion, plastics waste specialist Pioneer Polymers have acquired four waste recycling conveyors from CCL.

Waste Recycling Conveyors

These waste recycling conveyors were based on two separate designs. The first feature a large base and an inclined conveyor. Plastic milk bottles are fed at the base and conveyed up to a shredding machine where they are granulated into small particles. From here the plastic waste undergoes a washing and cleaning process. The second waste recycling conveyors design is for the granulated plastic particles. This conveyor system feeds a separate screw conveyor for the next stage in the recycling process.

These latter waste recycling conveyors replaced the age old practice of hanging a large bag with a small orifice at the bottom (the kind of bag typically found on building sites when materials are delivered) full of plastic granules over the feed hopper of the screw conveyor, which needed to be agitated by an employee until empty. Not only was this outdated practice inconsistant, it was also a costly waste of resources, with the operator better employed elsewhere. There was also health and safety to consider. The introduction of waste recycling conveyors radically improved the efficiency and cost effectiveness of this necessary process.

Waste Recycling Conveyor Waste Recycling Conveyor Waste Recycling conveyor hopper Waste Recycling Conveyor

All of these waste recycling conveyors were made from standard heavy duty mild steel, and are chain driven. As befitting their usage, they are able to operate with heavy bulk loads, and also able to endure the often aggressive nature of the waste recycling process. What’s especially pleasing to us is that these designs have evolved over the past five years, to the point today whereby CCL can not only build these waste recycling conveyors relatively quickly and very cost effectively, but also adapt them for other, heavy duty usage industries. We would go so far to say that from initial design to build completion and installation, we are one of the best manufacturers of these types of heavy duty waste conveyors in the UK.

Waste recycling conveyors for MRF and individual business needs

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