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December 13, 2013

It’s no secret that e-commerce internet shopping has had a massive effect on consumer purchasing behaviour throughout the world, with the UK market one of the leading spenders online. In 2012 it was estimated that the UK accounted for over 12% of total online sales in Europe. With figures set to rise, despite current economic conditions, CCL are pleased to announce the design, fabrication and installation of two waste conveyors for leading online retailer, Amazon.

Amazon Waste Recycling Conveyors

Amazon need no introduction. As a leading-edge online retailer they are synonymous with internet shopping and a household name globally. The amount of consumer products that go through their many distribution facilities worldwide is staggering, with 306 items being sold every second at its peak in 2012, and total 2012 revenues generating $61 billion worldwide. To give you an idea of just how vast Amazon’s warehouse space is, you could easily fit the equivalent of seven hundred Madison Square Gardens arenas into their total square footage, and fill with water the equivalent of ten thousand Olympic size swimming pools. They’re that big!.

CCL were asked by Amazon to come up with waste conveyors that would improve the efficiency of waste packaging removal at two of their UK sites, in Peterborough and Rudgley. When products initially arrive at their warehouses they are placed in a ‘decant’ area where the external packaging is removed, prior to the individual products being placed on their shelves. With the volume of products that go through each warehouse it doesn’t take a lot of imagination to appreciate the vast amount of waste packaging that needs removing every day.

Amazon Waste Recycling Conveyors Amazon Waste Recycling Conveyors Amazon Waste Recycling Conveyors

Amazon wanted to drastically reduce the amount of walking involved between the decant area and their bailing machine, a process that involved employees wheeling caster-mounted cages of rubbish between the two locations. This was not only a very time consuming process but had health and safety considerations that Amazon wanted to negate. The solution was to create a bespoke waste conveyor system that seemlessly linked the decant area and the bailing machine.

The distance between the two points was vast, with Central Conveyors required to manufacture waste conveyors spanning 150m, at a width of 1m. Fabricated from mild steel, the belt conveyors also needed to stand 3m above ground level so that fork lift trucks and Amazon staff were able to pass underneath unhindered. Of course anything set at such a height with moving components is subject to strict health and safety considerations, so both waste conveyors were fitted throughout with high side guides and under guarding to prevent accidental spillage. In addition a 750mm wide mesh spill tray was incorporated to run the length of the conveyors.

Amazon Waste Recycling Conveyors Amazon Waste Recycling Conveyors Amazon Waste Recycling Conveyors

Bespoke waste conveyors can enhance your business efficiency

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