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The newest member of the on-site team is a mini conveyor system

October 04, 2012

Sand Conveyor for building sites

Whenever you see footage of mining industries you will notice vast explosions, huge machinery and the quick removal of rubble from the site. The latter is often overlooked but is integral to the process of turning rocks into useful core materials for the construction and building industry and the utilising of conveyor systems can now be seen from induction to conclusion, right across the building industry.

From the initial extraction of the raw materials from the Earth, powerful chain belt conveyors are used in order to shift rocks at hundreds of tons every hour to processing plants so the materials can be extracted. Once extracted and refined the material is packaged and delivered to a builder’s merchant – requiring some form of conveyor system at each stage– the product is then ready for purchase for DIY or commercial use.

Traditionally the story would now turn to a man and his wheelbarrow, lugging his concrete or plaster based sludge around the building site, running up and down precariously placed scaffolding boards in order to reach his destination. The times, though, have changed. It is increasingly popular in small to medium enterprises to use mini-conveyors when transporting rubble and soil from the site in the initial stages of a project, saving much needed time and labour costs. Once clear, the conveyor can then be used for transporting more useful materials such as sand, aggregates and concrete to where it is needed around the site safety and quickly.