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From the purchase of conveyors to after sale conveyor system support, we are with you at every stage

October 22, 2012

Here at CCL, bespoke conveyor systems from Leicester, we offer the complete, tailored-made package to you, from the initial design of your individual conveyor up to the servicing of your machine many years down the line we offer our services and support at every stage of the manufacturing process. More Info

The newest member of the on-site team is a mini conveyor system

October 04, 2012

Aggregates Conveyors & Conveyor systems

Whenever you see footage of mining industries you will notice vast explosions, huge machinery and the quick removal of rubble from the site. The latter is often overlooked but is integral to the process of turning rocks into useful core materials for the construction and building industry and the utilising of conveyor systems can now be seen from induction to conclusion, right across the building industry. More Info

Gravity roller conveyors – an oldie but most definitely a goody

October 01, 2012

Gravity Roller Conveyors & Conveyor Systems

We are often told to learn from the mistakes of history but what of the successes? Humans have been building and transporting heavy objects for centuries and some of those principles are still in use today. Considered to be one of the oldest forms of transporting heavy objects from A to B – a technique apparently employed when creating Stonehenge (just don’t ask how they got the top sections on!). Here at CCL we appreciate processes that work, regardless how longstanding there origins, especially if they aid your production methods in the process and improves productivity. More Info