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Drag conveyors – prevent your business from having to stop

November 08, 2012

When working with fine materials or powders it is extremely likely that some of the product will fall off your conveyors, sliding down the sides of the belt and in to the inner workings of the conveyor system. This can prove problematic for many reasons: it’s messy; it’s a waste of materials; it’s financially ineffective; it can slow down or even stop your production process. Whichever concerns you the most, the only solution is to upgrade your production process with a drag conveyor.

CCL Drag Conveyor

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The impact of conveyor systems across the food industry

September 20, 2012

If good food is supposed to tell the story of life, then what about the story of your food? Often forgotten, but nonetheless important, our conveyors play a key role in the food production industry. More Info