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European door drop increase has conveyors working at full stretch

July 22, 2013

Conveyors play a significant role in the sortation and distribution of postal deliveries throughout the world. They’re an essential part of the door drop process, and goodness knows where the world would be without them. Sorting letters and packages is an intense and fast moving business, and without the right conveyors, efficiency can be lost and processes wasted.

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From A to B to UK: Parcel and package distribution conveyors keep Britain moving forward

September 24, 2012

Unless your business already benefits from the flexibility and efficiency of conveyors, it may be hard for you to fully appreciate the awesome power and influence of these essential business machines. Without conveyors, UK PLC would grind to a halt – in many industries quite literally! This is especially true of the parcel and package distribution sector, an industry CCL has great experience of designing, fabricating and installing conveyors and conveyor systems. More Info