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MRF businesses can expand with CCL bespoke conveyors

November 19, 2012

Waste and recycling may not be the most glamorous of subjects but it is one of the most important services that we all rely on. Our conveyors and conveyor systems are often found at the sites of material recovery and waste recycling plants (MRFs), and are used to transport the waste materials dropped off by refuge collecting vehicles.

Materials Recovery Facility (MRF) and Waste Recycling Conveyors More Info

The Belt Conveyor vs Chain Driven Belt Conveyors

November 02, 2012

Which is best? Interestingly there is more of a competition here than first meets the eye. The standard belt conveyor is cheap, flexible, simple to use and excellent at transporting smaller goods smoothly. Chain belt conveyors are powerful, good at ascending inclines, and excellent at transporting large, heavy and cumbersome loads. This promises to be a titanic tussle between two of the conveyor industry’s most relied upon and over worked conveyor systems. More Info