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Swan neck conveyors for McVities

January 07, 2014

Conveyors come in all shapes, lengths and sizes, depending on the task they’re created for and the environment they’re to be used in. Some production processes require the constant removal of waste materials, or in the case of snack food brand McVities, excess ingredients. Our swan neck conveyors for the famous biscuit maker do just that.

Swan Neck Conveyor

McVities make thousands and thousands of biscuits every day, and as a consequence crumbs are continuously generated throughout the manufacturing process. These need to be continually removed. If allowed to build up, the crumbs can have an adverse effect on the production line, through clogging and blocking; health and hygiene considerations are very important in a food manufacturing environment.

As the crumbs are removed from the main production line, they are collected together at the bottom of swan neck conveyors before being transported up to a collection area. The main structures of the conveyors are manufactured from 304 stainless steel, and employ a food quality polyurethane belt. Both of these materials are commonly used throughout the food manufacturing and processing industries, proven to be ideal in environments that have a strong emphasis on hygiene. Both materials are nonporous and very easy to clean.

Swan Neck Conveyor Swan Neck Conveyor

The belt is fitted with 40mm side walls and 40mm cross flights. The side walls help to prevent spillage of the crumbs, while the flights are fitted to enable the crumbs to be conveyed up the incline of the swan neck conveyors. Each conveyor has under covers to the belt made from stainless plate, ensuring the prevention of traped fingers, hands and even the possibility of trapped heads. The plates also ensure that any crumbs that slip over the belt walls do not fall onto the factory floor.

Though the images here do not show it, each of the swan neck conveyors is fitted with stainless steel swivel and braked castors, so that they can be moved around the factory facility smoothly and quickly.

Swan neck conveyors for all industries and sectors

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