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March 2019: A simple industrial belt conveyor

A simple belt conveyor

With all the complex production conveyor systems we produce, it is nice sometimes to get "back to basics" with a simple, straightforward belt conveyor.

The customer makes doors... everything from full-size doors to small cabinet doors for kitchens etc. They wanted conveyors to take components from one production/cutting machine, and transport them into the fabrication area.

The componenets WHERE rather large (6' x 4' in the case of a standard door), so the conveyor had to be 1400mm wide. In addition, as it might be required to hold several components pending removal, it also had to be 6.5m long. The conveyor was to be 'driven' by the cutting machine, indexing as each door was pulled onto it.

The conveyor featured a hard-wearing 2-Ply industrial PVC belt, with a stainless steel fastener. In point of fact, the belt was probably the hardest part of the conveyor to get right ! Cutting a 1400mm wide belt - and fitting the fastener - requires a considerable degree of painstaking accuracy to get right. A difference of only a millimeter or two over the entire width would result in the fastener "jamming" when trying to release and re-fasten it.

We've got a short snippet of (rather wobbly) video to illustrate this.


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