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3D Design

Controls are a large and often complex part of conveyors and conveyor systems, but on the other hand can be quite simple. Central Conveyors can offer everything!!! Whether it's a simple inline stop/start button, to a complex PLC programmed system, CCL can do the lot.

Solidworks 3D design Solidworks 3D conveyor design Solidworks 3D conveyor 3D computer conveyor design

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3D Design

Central Conveyors has invested a lot of time and money into purchasing and training for this 3D software but the benefits are phenomenal, not only for CCL but for you the customer. Using SolidWorks we are now able to offer a very realistic likeness of what your conveyors or conveyor system will look like, something traditional 2D drawings just cannot do. If the customer is not used to looking at technical drawings it is unlikely that showing a 2D drawing will be of any benefit and will just confuse the matter. With 3d design SolidWorks the customer can download a viewer free of charge, allowing the design to be viewed and communicated from every angle.

3D design has also helped to evolve Central Conveyors from a manufacturing point of view, since it allows our engineers to not only see what the final product will look like more clearly but also an opportunity to contribute any additional thoughts and experience towards the project prior to fabrication. With 3D design structural problems are easily overcome without the expense of employing a structural engineer, such as when identifying deflections if spanning a wide area, or if calculating the weight of our conveyors without having to weigh the conveyor or any of the assembly components individually. 3D design also offers the chance to demonstrate moving parts on the conveyor, and how any given product reacts on the conveyor without actually having to build the conveyor first.

In essence 3d has transformed the way in which Central Conveyors are now able to work, and it has helped us to become more efficient and accurate in the design, engineering and fabrication of our conveyors, giving the customer a more comprehensive understanding of how any given conveyor(s) will ultimately work.

For more information on Design & Layout in 3D using SolidWorks Services, or any other CCL conveyors or conveyor systems, call us on 01509 974215 today for an informal, no obligation chat. We’re here to listen to your conveyor enquiry and help provide you with complete conveying solutions. CCL respect your commercial privacy.