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Flexible, adaptable and expandable: CCL now provide ‘pick and mix’ component-based modular conveyor systems for light industries

March 24, 2014

Central Conveyors are proud to announce the release of a new, ‘pick and mix’ component-based modular conveyor system, specifically designed for use by businesses in the light manufacturing, food, beverage and dairy, pharmaceutical, automotive component and packaging sectors.

Modular Conveyors

Responding to the ever changing economic climate and business models that a variety of industries and sectors operate in, Central Conveyors – primarily known for the design, fabrication and installation of bespoke conveyors and conveyor systems – have decided to market a multi-component, pre-fabricated but adaptable conveyor belt solution that anticipates the practical needs and expectations of many UK and international businesses. Our ‘pick and mix’ component-based modular conveyor system takes advantage of the standardisation of many specifications within an industry which are common across all brands and competing companies.

Businesses that require bottling, for example, all predominantly operate within the standardized requirements of a transportation, distribution and retail chain that is common to all. Soft drinks are packaged in a standardized range of cans or bottle sizes, no matter what the brand or parent company. Food manufacturers and processors adhere to an accepted range of packaging sizes and shapes across the myriad of different food stuffs they produce. The next time you’re in a supermarket, take a look at any number of rival products in a sector and you’ll notice that all the packaging is near identical in size and shape. This isn’t a coincidence. Food and drink retailers insist on it. By establishing such guidelines the process of streamlining the transportation, distribution and retail of food and drink products becomes economical and predictable. The same goes for the vast majority of light, non-food products supermarkets retail.

Modular Conveyors Modular Conveyors

With a comprehensive and extensive range of standard and modular components, fabricated with the latest technological advancements in aluminium extrusion and casting, precision fabrication, injection moulding and metal forming methods, the result is a sophisticated collection of high-quality components built to precise manufacturing tolerances. All components are easily connected and installed using simple hand tools. As a result the system can be installed or reconfigured in less time than many conventional conveyor systems.

The flexibility and adaptability of the modular conveyor system allows for a wide range of layout permutations, making the most of any facility space across all three dimensions. Modular conveyor components include alpine/buffer conveyors, vertical lifting conveyors, direct drive units, idler end units, combine drive and idler end units, horizontal and vertical bends, intermediate drives, suspended drive units and wheel bend units, to name a few.

And it doesn’t stop there. Not content to simply provide our small, medium and large enterprise customers with innovative products and systems, our modular conveyor solution is continually under review through a dedicated research and development programme. This proactive approach ensures that our modular conveyor system anticipates the needs of the markets we serve. Continued technological excellence is the vision we aspire too.

Modular Conveyors Modular Conveyors

Take a look at the range of industries, and a selection of the products they manufacture, that our modular conveyor system suites so well: