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August 2019: Website News !

Since 2014, our website had been managed by a 3rd-party company called Cite in Leicester. They did a great job of modernising the look and feel of the website, as well as promoting it to search engines like Google.

In early 2019, we made the decision to take back control of the website and to develop it ourselves. As Nic Wright - our in-house IT and Multimedia guru stated..

"The old website was very successfull, and Cite did a great job on it. However, it was becoming increasingly expensive to update the pages, and the underlying technology was becoming somewhat old fashioned, and somewhat slow when people browsed the website.

Over a 3-month period we completely re-wrote the website.

Previously it was a PHP/Wordpress system that relied on everything being stored in a database. Every time you clicked on a page, the system had to visit the database in the background, recover the pictures and words, and then 'build' the web page on the fly before you could view it.

We've stripped all that out, and rebuilt it using basic HTML and CSS, with no database jiggery-pokery or bulky sections of client-side javascript. This has significantly increased the load speed, especially for our customers using mobile phones or on a slow broadband link.

The background technology is Classic ASP and Jscript, which allows us to use the "#include' feature to avoid duplicating code. (with the left-hand menu's, for example, wich appear on multiple pages). There is also a very light scattering of client-side Javascript on some pages.

Over the coming weeks and months, we will be uploading new stories about our various conveyor systems, including a "conveyor of the month" feature for our larger and more complex projects

We have left the layout, colours and style virtually untouched, though we may be changing this as well in the near future.

If you have any comments or suggests about our website, please do email them to Nic Wright