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March 2019: CCL moves into larger premises

Exterior shot of factory

In November of last year we knew our lease at the old Hayhill indstrial estate was coming for renewal. The landlords wanted a 5-year lease, but as we have plans to build our OWN industrial unit over the next 24 months, we didn't want to be tied down

We located an alternative unit. Not only was this bigger, and available on a rolling 1-year lease, but it was closer in to our nearby town of Loughborough, and close to many of our major suppliers. So we made the decision to move in there

You can click on these pictures to see a larger version. (opens in a new window, so you can just close it when you've finished viewing to return to the main website).

The unit - prior us to moving in - has clean lines, and features a seperate "end room" at the back, perfect for... ah... but we'll come onto that in a minute..

On moving in one of our first actions was to build a set of mezzanine floors. These sturdy structures not only allow us upper-level storage space for spare belts, rollers, motors etc, but also define conveyor welding and fabrication bays at ground level.

Mezzanine area
The smaller left-hand mezzanine. In addition to conveyor motors and polypropylene drums, this used for storing infrequently used tooling
Mezzanine area
The larger right-hand mezzanine, used for spare components (rollers, belts etc), and also defines the underneath welding bays.
Leftover bits
You take a conveyor to pieces, but it back together again.. and there ALWAYS seem to be bits left over.....
Fabrication/Welding bay
Ray - our senior welder - was particularly delighted by his new welding/fabrication bay.....
Steel storage
With the new layout, steel enters the building, and is immediately put into storage racks to the left.....
Steel transferred to gravity conveyors
.. it can then be transferred to one of two gravity roller conveyors.....
Steel cut, and transferred to fabrication/welding bays
.. and thence to the cutting machines, and off to the welding/fabrication bays.....
Steel cut, and transferred to fabrication/welding bays
Do you recall the back room we mentioned right at the beginning of this article ? Well, our electrician and control-panel builder Matt is ecstatic about his nice new clean control-panel building room !

With our larger space, and superior ergonomical equipment layout, we can now produce conveyors even faster than our previous (already impressive) build rates, as well as having reduced lead times from our local suppliers.