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Mobile conveyors provide flexibility of movement

June 10, 2014

As a designer and fabricator of bespoke conveyors and conveyor systems, CCL have experience of pretty much everything that industry could ever want. The majority of our machines are utilised in fixed locations, such as on the factory floor or in warehouses. Of late, however, we have noticed an increase in enquiries regarding mobile conveyors.

Mobile Conveyor

These bespoke machines are incredibly useful for applications that require the flexibility of movement between different locations. Mobile conveyors can be used within a single building but at a variety of positions as necessary, or utilised at different geographic locations, both indoor and outside.

Typical outdoor applications include farming, building sites, waste recycling and road construction (the next time you’re driving past a new motorway extension, keep an eye out for the large mound of earth that accumulates during excavation). They can be used indoor to support fixed machinery, such as when scrap materials or waste needs to be removed on an occasional basis, or even to reconfigure production lines as necessary. No matter what the usage they all typically incorporate wheels for easy movement,whether it be casters for small, lightweight indoor applications, or full sized road legal tyre varieties for outdoor towing. Mobile conveyors can also be created in tracked configurations. And its not just their mobility that is flexible. Mobile conveyors will typically be able to elevate up and down, sometimes left and right, on the command of the conveyor operator.

Heavy duty variations of outside applications include for landfill, quarrying, recycling, mining, disaster management, raw materials handing, bulk food materials handling and loading/unloading at port, inland and rail terminus. Every requirement is unique to the individual business concerned. No matter what your mobile conveyors application is for, it can be built!

CCL design and fabricate bespoke mobile conveyors

If your business requires mobile conveyors – or any other kind of conveyor systems – you should contact us today. Our machines provide businesses with time and cost savings. Call us now on 01509 816064 and speak to one of our experienced and knowledgeable team.