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Mobile conveyors provide emergency back-up for Abbey Glen laundry

June 17, 2014

As all business owners will know, any disruption to the production line – no matter what the nature of the business is, or whether it’s a small, medium or large enterprise – will play havoc with productivity, ultimately impacting on the bottom line. So what can you do to protect yourself? Abbey Glen laundry of Doncaster have created contingency with CCL mobile conveyors.

Mobile Conveyor

Don’t misunderstand us. Abbey Glen laundry typically works at maximum efficiency every day very smoothly, helping them deliver a competitive, tried and trusted service to their many clients. But they didn’t get where they are today without having the foresight to anticipate the needs of their business sector, and as a consequence have the good sense to make hay while the sun shines and introduce a level of contingency which will protect them against – however unlikely – any disruption to their production process.

In the unlikely event that a disruption occurs to their laundry sortation process, CCL mobile conveyors are on hand to be deployed, a stop gap solution which will allow the business to continue their activities. With mobile conveyors providing a level of flexibility not normally available with fixed position conveyors, Abbey Glen are able to continue feeding laundry up to the appropriate machinery within the cleaning process.

Mobile Conveyor Mobile Conveyor

Realising that the use of back-up mobile conveyors would be few and far between – after all, it is just for contingency – it was essential for CCL to come up with a very cost effective solution that didn’t compromise on its intended function. The light but sturdy construction is built from mild steel, comprises a 8′ long belt conveyor inclined to 30 degrees, and is powered by a robust drive unit which has been adapted for use so that it can be plugged into a standard 240V power socket. An inverter then changes the input voltage to 440V. These mobile conveyors feature brake mounted castors, and a black PVC ribbed belt, ensuring that there is no laundry slippage. There are also clear, shatterproof polycarbonate side panels to ensure nothing falls off the sides, and so that those using the machine can see what is being conveyed.

As a consequence of designing and manufacturing these mobile conveyors, CCL will be standardising all future laundry conveyors of this type with many of the specifications included on these mobile conveyors. We’re continually evolving and perfecting our conveyors and conveyor systems through innovation and first hand industry experience and insight.

Emergency back-up mobile conveyors provide businesses with peace of mind

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