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November 05, 2012

Whenever you stay at a hotel you usually take a moment of your time to consciously review the food, the room, and how you slept, this is one of the defining universal traits of being human. What people rarely give a moments thought to is the amount of mess that a hotel full of people will make, and the lengths that are gone to to provide the service you receive. This is particularly true of the laundry that a hotel continuously get through. This is where CCL conveyors can benefit you.

Hotel Laundry Conveyor

If you have ever stayed somewhere with around forty to fifty rooms on a busy night, then you can imagine that there are a lot of towels, hand towels, dressing gowns and bedding to wash and clean, even more so when one multiplies that number over a single weeks duration of guests. This washing is rarely cleaned on-site and is often sent off to sub-contracted laundry companies, who will require our conveyor systems to deal with the large volume of washing that they recieve.

These laundry service providers will often deal with multiple clients also, and due to the large volume of washing they recieve, it is vital that the conveyor systems that we provide them with are robust, able to fit into a small environment, as space is always limited, and able to deal with high temperatures and wet laundry all day, everyday.

Each individual conveyor system we build is completely bespoke, and as such we will cater for our clients’ specific needs, fortunately we have a lot of experience in building for the laundry service industry.

Laundry conveyors

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