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Heavy duty waste conveyors for Recresco

April 07, 2014

At CCL we pride ourselves on our ability to design, fabricate and install bespoke conveyor systems of all types. Depending on the industry and the function required, conveyors come not only in all shapes and sizes, but also various degrees of robustness. They often reflect the task they are intended for, sometimes sleek and light for fast moving light manufacturing and production, while at other times heavy, indomitable and impervious. CCL heavy duty conveyor systems support many industries, including waste disposal and recycling for both MRF and on-site business needs. These waste conveyors are our most recent heavy duty conveyor systems.

Heavy Waste Recycling Conveyors

Created for Recresco, the materials recycling specialists, these heavy duty waste conveyors required special consideration for both the waste material they were designed to convey – broken and granulated glass – and the footprint that they were required to operate in – a very, very tight space indeed, with no room for manoeuvre.

Heavy Waste Recycling Conveyors

Broken and granulated glass is one of the most aggressive materials that waste conveyors have to deal with. Sharp edges can cut, while ground glass particles can be abrasive. Either way, glass can very easily damage waste conveyors if their design and fabrication is not considered carefully.

Additional consideration for these waste conveyors was required to accommodate these machines in a tight, non-negotiable space within the customer’s machinery set-up. Ordinarily conveyors do not need to incline beyond 30 degrees, but in the case of these waste conveyors an incline of 75 degrees was required – essentially vertical! As such the problem of material fall back becomes an issue.

Waste Recycling Conveyor

To resolve these issues CCL created lifters/flights that resembled buckets to ensure the glass fragments were not only collected efficiently but ensured they did not fall while on their vertical journey up to a vibrating conveyor. This design solution was based on the analysis of a bucket elevator conveyor, a conveyor system typically used for the movement of grain or flour. Our requirement operates on a similar principle. The flights were like buckets, while a side wall at both ends ran the full length of the waste conveyors, essentially trapping all of the glass within each flight. Top covers then ensured the glass fragments could not fall back.

Central Conveyors solution has been so successful that the customer has commissioned additional waste conveyors for his business. It goes to show how our conveyor system experience and knowledge can make a difference to businesses, improving productivity and efficiency, and enabling customers to get the most from their investment.

Heavy duty waste conveyors for all industries

If your business requires waste conveyors – or any other kind of conveyor systems – contact CCL today and discover how we can bring efficiencies to your business. Telephone 01509 816064 to speak with our experienced and knowledgable team.