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The impact of conveyor systems across the food industry

September 20, 2012

If good food is supposed to tell the story of life, then what about the story of your food? Often forgotten, but nonetheless important, our conveyors play a key role in the food production industry.

Today most modern food is to some degree pre-prepared, and it is now far more common for it to be made manufactured by a machine than a pair of human hands. This is to ensure a higher degree of uniformity, quality and of cost cost effectiveness. However, with many processes occurring to a single product the ingredients will need to be physically moved a number of times and often within a sealed environment. This is essential to keep bacteria levels low as the product is heated, cooled, mixed or diluted as it nears completion and edges closer to our supermarket shelf.

In this sealed environment where processes are constantly being repeated; it is essential that the products keep moving along to avoid any mishaps. As these processes occur at the latter stages of the ingredients life, the manufactures want to minimise any risk to the product, avoiding jeopardising the final quality of the product and keeps outgoings to a minimum.

Dependent on the food industry we are catering – apologies for the pun – for, we supply different types of conveyor systems to make the transportation of the produce as seamless as possible. For example, a chocolate bar could use plastic conveyors as a means of transportation as these are very hygienic and can come in bright blue which reduces the risk of cross contamination; whereas a loaf of bread which will face very high temperatures as it faces the tunnel oven at low speeds is far more suited to the stainless steel slat or plate link conveyors as these maintain their integrity at high and low temperatures. From chocolate bars to bread and everything in between we have ample experience when providing for this sector with all of our conveyors abide by EU food and drink regulations. We can provide peace of mind, so you can cater the rest.

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