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CCL food processing conveyors ensure the smooth transfer of products between multiple line

February 11, 2014

Efficiency is a driving force behind successful businesses. Without it, businesses cannot get the most out of their best laid plans, no matter what the industry or sector. It’s often the case that the smallest detail can be the difference between a process running at optimal efficiency or failing to fulfil its anticipated potential. This is particularly true in mass production, especially in the food manufacturing and processing industries. When your final product is retailing for pocket change, it’s essential that every opportunity for efficiency is taken. These CCL food processing conveyors help to do just that.

Food Conveyor

When you’re producing thousands upon thousands of units per hour, there’s always the possibility of delays in the processing line. This can prove disastrous for a business, so it’s vital to have contingency in place. CCL were asked to provide a solution to the problem of delays on the line for a leading food manufacturer. Our solution was simple and elegant, the machines provided – there were four food processing conveyors in all – small and discrete. As is often the case with details in business, it’s often the smallest that allow for the biggest returns.

With an existing contingency of spare conveyor lines already in place, the customer’s need was to be able to switch products between conveyor lines smoothly and without interruption. With these lines on multiple levels, CCL designed, fabricated and installed bespoke food processing conveyors which are able to tilt at one end, thus allowing the conveyor belt to be raised and lowered to the appropriate available line required. These tilt conveyors would ensure the continued smooth transfer of the products – sachets of food powder – along the existing manufacturing process.

Food ProcessingConveyor
Food Processing Conveyor

The conveyors were manufactured from extruded aluminium, supported by a mild steel frame, and fitted with a polyurethane food-grade belt. Each of the four food processing conveyors was sealed with a white powder coat finish. CCL also fitted each conveyor with a control panel that enabled the them to be run at different speeds, via an inverter control unit. Each unit was also fitted with solenoids that take a 24 volt signal from the customers PLC. This activates a pneumatic cylinder at one end of the machine that can either raise or lower the conveyor, depending on which line the PLC decides to send the products too.

The final placement of these four food processing conveyors – serving two lines each – were to be through an aperture in a partition wall, so we needed to make sure that when the conveyors were raised that operators were not able to get their fingers trapped between the conveyors and the edge of the wall. The solution was to include a cover that has a 100mm high fold where the wall begins, positioned so that it would always be higher than the aperture in the wall, ensuring that the space was always covered to prevent a finger trap.

Food Processing Conveyor