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European door drop increase has conveyors working at full stretch

July 22, 2013

Conveyors play a significant role in the sortation and distribution of postal deliveries throughout the world. They’re an essential part of the door drop process, and goodness knows where the world would be without them. Sorting letters and packages is an intense and fast moving business, and without the right conveyors, efficiency can be lost and processes wasted.

Parcel and Package Conveyors

There has been an explosion in demand for delivery services in recent years, principally through the ever expanding use of the internet and e-commerce to make product purchases, and also the increase in direct mail spend. In Europe alone the recent European Letterbox Marketing Association (ELMA) census reported a 4.9% increase in direct mail spend. Their research reveals that the European door drop market has increased by 2.3% to approximately 112 billion items in 2011, estimated to be worth 3.9bn Euros. This represents an increase of 4.9% on 2010 figures.

ELMA’s report reveals significant growth in countries including Croatia, Finland and Poland, where the door drop volume increased by over 100 million items in each state. Germany’s increase of 600 million items in 2011 has reinforced its position as the leading European country by volume with 20,600,000,000 items, followed by France with 19,000,000,000 items, Italy 12,000,000,000, and The Netherlands with 11,356,000,000. The United Kingdom are next with 6,970,000,000 items.

Parcel and Package Conveyors

With the UK Royal Mail on the verge of privatisation, there’s the potential for modernisation through an influx of private capital investment. This could see a radical overhaul of the organisation’s distribution infrastructure, both in terms of hubs and the equipment that drive them. With so much competition from long established post and parcel sortation and distribution companies, the Royal Mail may have to make significant improvements to its operations if it wants to maintain – and potentially increase – its current market share. As leading designers and manufacturers of bespoke conveyors, we won’t be surprised to learn that they undergo a radical review of their infrastructure, resulting in the commissioning of new conveyors and conveyor systems. We can imagine a new super conveyors facility driving Royal Mail forward, as well as smaller conveyors to improve efficiency.

Bespokes conveyors for the letter and parcel sortation and distribution sector

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