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Drag conveyors – prevent your business from having to stop

November 08, 2012

When working with fine materials or powders it is extremely likely that some of the product will fall off your conveyors, sliding down the sides of the belt and in to the inner workings of the conveyor system. This can prove problematic for many reasons: it’s messy; it’s a waste of materials; it’s financially ineffective; it can slow down or even stop your production process. Whichever concerns you the most, the only solution is to upgrade your production process with a drag conveyor.

Drag Conveyors

On conventional belts, this would require the belt having to be dismantled in order to access the inners of the belt, clean out any waste and re-apply the belt – losing out on valuable production time, and as we all know, time is money.

The ingenious solution that CCL recommends in these scenarios is to install a drag conveyor. The drag conveyor uses paddles rather than the traditional belt. Beneath the channel that the conveyor travels along is a gully, waiting to catch any fallen materials that slide off of the belt as it is in transit. When the belt goes under itself – on its return leg – the material is literally ‘dragged’ along by the empty belt blades and falls into a waste container, ready to be either re-used or disposed of.

This simple sounding, yet utterly fantastic concept, is ideal for industries that need to keep their conveyor systems running at all times, as idustries that deal with fine materials cannot afford to stop their conveyors every time that there is a build up of fallen and dislodged materials.

Drag conveyors

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