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Wire Mesh Conveyors

Wire mesh conveyors come in wide range of types, from wide-gap ‘enrober’ or honeycombe belts, to tightly-knit chain belts that look almost like medieval chainmail...

Wire Mesh Conveyor Wire Mesh Conveyor Honeycombe stainless mesh belt Stainless wire mesh conveyor

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Typical Industries



Wire mesh conveyors come in wide range of types, from wide-gap ‘enrober’ or honeycombe belts, to tightly-knit chain belts that look almost like medieval chainmail. Both allow air (or liquids) to circulate around the products being conveyed, and hence can be used to ‘drain’ products, or to warm/cool them in transit.

Wire Mesh conveyors are generally lighter-duty than their chain-mesh counterparts, using friction rollers to drive the belt rather than sprockets, and make a very cost-effective solution where the products being conveyed are relatively light.

Enrober belt
Lightweight 'enrober' or 'ladder' belt

Ladder or 'Enrober' wire mesh conveyors

This is the lightest grade of belt, consisting of 1-2mm wire running in an interlaced pattern, forming a 'ladder' shape. They are used in the confectionary industry to coat sweets with chocolate, among many other things.

Honeycomb belt
Heavier-duty honeycomb belt

Honeycombe mesh conveyor

Functionally, these are a much sturdier version of a ladder conveyor. The feature much 'deeper' cross-members; more like a ribbon than a wire. These are very popular in the food industry for baking, but also have a place in a multitude of industrial applications where the product has been coated in liquid (or resin), and requires an air-flow to dry.

balanced-spiral mesh belt
Heavy duty mesh belt (balanced spiral)
Note the side-chains.

Balanced spiral mesh conveyor belt

At the top end of the mesh belt range is the "balanced spiral" belts. Whilst some of these CAN work with a simple friction roller, they more commonly have chains welded to each side of the belt, which are driven by sprockets.

These can range from a relatively "open" mesh, as per the photograph on the left, to heavy, high-density "chain-mail" weaves

Perhaps the most visual example of these belts are the donut-making booths at the seaside, in which a mesh belt carries the dough through the bath of hot oil for frying, and then lifts them out at the other end.

Notes and Specifications

Our Wire Mesh Conveyors can be manufactured from mild steel, stainless steel, aluminium or even plastic. The mesh belts themselves are either mild steel or - more commonly - stainless steel. They incorporate side frames and adjustable and support stands height. Underneath the conveyor belt wear strips are fitted to guide and support the belt. Stop/Start controls as standard but we also do variable speed control.

Wire Mesh Conveyors

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