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Plastic Modular Conveyors

The term ‘plastic modular conveyors’ actually refers to the belt, rather than the conveyor itself, but people often use the terms interchangeably. Even then the term is often misleading, as it can refer to a wide range of different belt structures and topologies...

Plastic Modular Conveyors Plastic modular belt conveyor with bend Plastic Modular belt Close up of radial modular belt

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Typical Industries

All – general purpose medium duty, but particularly useful where bends and loops are required

Plastic modular belt conveyors

A plastic modular belt is a belt formed of small – usually hinged – sections, and typically has the appearance of “chain mail” or thick mesh.

The most notable feature of plastic modular belt conveyors is its ability to form smooth curves and bends, whilst still providing a firm support surface to the carried product. From this perspective it can be used in most applications that would normally use a conventional belt conveyor.

Whereas it is possible to include bends in a traditional belt conveyor by incorporating a belt bend module, a plastic modular belt conveyor can combine straight sections with multiple bends of varying different radiuses all in one continuous run, forming arbitary curves and loops; something that is impossible – or insanely expensive – in a traditional belt conveyor.

Platelink-style plastic modular conveyor
A platelink-style plastic modular belt conveyor

Platelink-style plastic modular belts

In addition to the “chain mail” style plastic modular conveyors described above, plastic modular conveyors can also come in a plate link form, and also a slat form. These are a very economical alternative to steel Plate Link conveyors or Slat conveyors, and are popular in the food manufacture and processing industry. They are, however, limited in their carrying capacity and temperature tolerance compared to their steel counterparts.

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