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Pick and mix component-based modular conveyor system

As well as bespoke conveyors for all industries and sectors, CCL also offer an exceptional 'pick and mix' component-based modular conveyor system, specifically designed to cater for the needs of the light manufacturing / food, beverage and dairy / pharmaceutical / automotive component / packaging sectors.

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Why do we offer this incredibly flexible and expansive conveyor product? Because there are many standardised products and components that are common throughout each of these sectors and industries, which means that the need for bespoke measurements and tolerances is not necessary. In cases such as this we find it is more cost effective and practical to provide our customers with a component-based conveyor solution that can be tailored to meet each of their individual operating requirements. The variations between businesses will be dictated by production line length, shape and facility footprint, considerations that can be achieved through the variety and quantity of purpose-built components, rather than the need for bespoke design and manufacturing solutions.

Pick and mix component-based modular conveyor systemTake beverages, such as soft drink bottling and canning needs. No matter the brand or manufacturer, all businesses in this industry produce their products to a standardised set of sizes and dimensions. Sure, there can be subtle variations in bottle shape, but essentially the footprint of each bottle class is the same, particularly those of the plastic variety. Likewise the volume of liquid that each bottle class contains is identical, and as a consequence the weight too. No matter which brand is on a conveyor production line, a rival brand can just as easily utilise the same conveyor system.

Pick and mix component-based modular conveyor systemThe same observation is true of the food processing and manufacturing sector. You can see for yourself when next in the supermarket. Invariably, no matter which product type you’re looking at, the variety of brands on display will have packaging that is either identical in size, or near as to it as to be the same. Once again this is down to industry standardisation, whether it be packets of tagliatelle pasta, sachets of soup, or tins of beans.

But just because our pick and mix component-based modular conveyor system owes its existence to standardisation, don’t be fooled into thinking it isn’t sophisticated. In fact the very opposite is true. With a diverse range of components that not only fully integrate with one another but, through design, anticipate the needs of the production line engineer, this conveyor system is a truly powerful piece of business automation. What’s more, this system is flexible, clean, self-lubricating, low noise, low friction, low maintenance, corrosion-free and lightweight, essential attributes necessary to ensure the smoothest running, most practical and trouble free component-based conveyor system available.

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