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Conveyor Systems

Multiple Conveyors working together to accomplish a given production task.

Conveyor Systems

Central Conveyors Ltd are happy to manufacture simple, stand-alone conveyors. However, there is frequently a need to have multiple conveyors, each with sensors and telemetry, interconnected together to accomplish specific tasks. Such an arrangement is typical of assembly lines, waste recycling plants, and some of the more sophisticated warehousing systems. We refer to such arrangements as Conveyor Systems.

We have a long track record of producing conveyor systems for a wide variety of industries. We have our own team of control-panel builders and PLC programmers, allowing us to interlink multiple conveyor together, to track products as they move around the system, and to implement complex decision-making algorithms to ensure things end up where they are supposed to be, efficiently and safely.

Virtual Control Panel

Complete Conveyor Solutions

We can provide a complete turnkey system, from the mechanical conveyors themselves, complete with sensors, to operator control panels with full-blown LCD display screens showing a virtualised version of the production line, allowing operators and supervisors to see at a glance what is going on, and integrating override buttons to fine-tune the operation of the plant, to selectively shut down or bypass particular conveyors, or even implement full shut-downs, and elegant restarts, of the entire system.

These can integrate with simpler operator panels at different zones throughout the plant. Our systems can also provide management information on things like throughput etc, linked to desktop PC's.

Conveyor Systems case studies

A small sample of some recent conveyor systems that we produced.

Waste Sortation Conveyor System

Waste Sortation Conveyor System Waste Sortation Conveyor System Waste Sortation Conveyor System Waste Sortation Conveyor System

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This is a VERY simple example of a conveyor system. The conveyors (plastic modular belt conveyors) form a loop around a raised platform. Mixed waste (from passenger aircraft) is dumped into an input conveyor. It then endlessly circulates around, up onto the platform, and past a group of human operators. Each operator is tasked with removing ONE type of waste (plastic trays, knives and forks, newspapers etc) and depositing it into an adjacent vertical chute, which discharges into wheeled bins beneath the platform.

It doesn't matter if any given operator is temporarily overwhelmed, and misses an item of waste, because... a few minutes later.. it will circle back and be presented to him/her again.

The system is supplemented by a magnetic overband conveyor, which removes ferrous metals, and also an Eddy Current separator, which removes non-ferrous metals such as aluminium drinks cans etc.

Skip-filling Conveyor System

Skip Filling Conveyor system Skip Filling Conveyor system Skip Filling Conveyor system Skip Filling Conveyor system

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This very large system was designed to present a 3-ton skip underneath an input chute. The skip would gradually - over a period of days - fill up. Once full (as determined by a weigh-scale built into the conveyor), the skip was indexed into a holding area. This could accommodate up to three skips, with a fourth skip being filled, and three empty skips queuing to be filled. This allowed the operator to pre-load the system with four skips. Once all four skips are full, the system rings a bell and the operator can return (several days later), to remove the full skips and re-load the system with four new empty skips.

The challenge with this system was the sheer weight of the skips - approximately 10 tons each when full ! In addition, space was at a premium (the facility was underground, and could not be expanded), ruling out the possibility of using chain-driven rollers and bend units. Instead, the skips where directly carried on heavy-duty chains, with a cunning "pass-through" system to allow the skips to be moved through 90-degrees at the corners of the system.

Waste Glass processing Conveyor System

Glass recovery conveyor system Glass recovery conveyor system Glass recovery conveyor system Glass recovery conveyor system

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This network of conveyors was designed for a company that recycles computer monitors and TV sets. The broken glass was passed through a range of grading and processing machines by the conveyors, which had to be VERY tough. (ground glass is NOT a very friendly substance).

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