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Accumulation Conveyors

Accumulation conveyor systems come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes, from the simple to the highly sophisticated. Stripped of the jargon, they share one core purpose: they prevent products falling off the end of the conveyor, whilst still allowing products near the beginning of the conveyor to carry on moving...

Gravity Roller accumulation conveyor Chain drive roller zone accumulation conveyor Rotary accumulation turntable conveyor

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In it’s simplest form, a belt conveyor might have a small length of unpowered gravity rollers at its terminating point. Products move down the belt, and are ‘pushed’ onto the roller area where they coast to a halt. Subsequent products arrive onto the rollers and ‘push’ the first product further down the roller area.

Of course, the system described above cannot carry on forever. Eventually products will pile up in the accumulation area such until there is no room for the next product. In this scenario an additional sensor can be incorporated to stop the entire system once the accumulation area is at capacity.

A more sophisticated accumulation conveyor systems is a powered roller conveyor whereby each roller has a ‘slipping clutch’. As a product reaches the end of the conveyor, a barrier prevents it from moving forwards. Friction between the stationary product and the turning rollers beneath it causes the roller clutch to slip, and the roller stops turning. This is a very flexible system, as the entire conveyor is now an automatic accumulation zone.

Gravity Roller accumulation conveyor

Gravity accumulation conveyor

This is a simple hybrid accumulation conveyor. The first set of rollers, which take the product away from a wrapping machine, are powered. The second half of the conveyor, where the accumulation occurs, are simple gravity rollers. When a package encounters these, it coasts to a halt. Shortly afterwards the NEXT package arrives, and pushes the first package forwards, and so on.

At the very end of the gravity roller conveyor section is an optical sensor, which turns off the entire system (including the wrapping machine) once a package reaches the end of the conveyor.
Chain drive roller zone accumulation conveyor

Zonal chain-driven roller accumulation conveyor

Carrying much heavier loads, this conveyor takes a "brute force" approach to accumuation. The conveyor is split into multiple independently driven sections, each with its own drive motor. Sensors detect when the end of each zone section is "clear", and allows products to be moved onto it. The end result is that products move down the conveyor, filling up each zone, untill the entire conveyor is 'full', at which point a signal is sent back to the human operators to intervene.
Conveyor Belt with bend

Rotary accumulation conveyor

A rather unusual approach; when products reach the end of this conveyor system, they slide down onto a turntable, and move round and round and round forever, or until a human operator takes pity on them and removes them.

Bespoke Accumulation Conveyor Systems

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