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Central Conveyors heavy duty swan neck conveyor for Covpress

June 03, 2013

For Central Conveyors it’s a validation of the trust and confidence in the quality of our products and services we provide, when leading British companies, significant in their own industries, select us to provide materials handling conveyor solutions. One such company are midlands-based Covpress Holding Ltd, a key supplier to the automotive industry.

Swan Neck Waste Removal Conveyor

The automotive sector is one of the most competitive and challenging manufacturing sectors in the world, continually demanding innovation and quality improvements against a backdrop of cost reduction and economic competitiveness. So when Covpress required a new heavy duty swan neck conveyor to remove scrap materials from a underground waste area, conveyed up to a stillage cage or skip at floor level, you can be sure they wanted a bespoke conveyor to manage the task at a cost effective price.

When you’re working for a company like Covpress, you need to consider the existing manufacturing infrastructure and how your conveyor will integrate with it. Robotic assembly lines, transfer and progression presses, and formbending machines are commonplace in the automotive supply chain, and this was the case with Covpress. With a selection of presses, ranging from 125 to 2500 tonnes spread across a 33,000 square metres facility, producing high quality engineered motor vehicle panels, it was essential for our conveyor to perform smoothly and efficiently from the very beginning.

The underground waste area was situated between two high powered hydraulic presses. These press and cut commercial van panels from full sheets of metal plate, and as these are removed from the presses, scrap metal falls down chutes in the floor into the underground waste area. The CCL conveyor collects the scrap before conveying it to the stillage cage or skip at floor level.

It all sounds simple enough, but this conveyor had to be built to heavy duty standards, able to cope with the demands and pressures of a highly industrialised mechanical process. The chain employed to keep the conveyor moving has a 30,000 lb breaking strain, capable of withstanding 15 tonnes of pressure before snapping. If you’ve had any experience of an industrial environment you know that the last thing you want – from both a production and safety viewpoint – is a heavy duty chain snapping and reeking havoc. To ensure that the potentially sharp scraps of metal did not damage the conveyor, a thick, industrial-grade, high durability rubber conveyor belt was attached to the chains. This also had to be oil resistant.

Bespoke conveyors for the automotive industry

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