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Conveyors for Lands End Airport modernisation

May 27, 2013

As leading designers, fabricators and installers of bespoke conveyors and complete conveyor systems, CCL provide products and services to a wide range of business sectors and industries. There are however sectors that we know we could provide our products for but have not had the opportunity to do. One such business sector is – or rather, was – airports, until now. CCL is proud to announce the recent completion of two conveyor systems for Lands End Airport on behalf of the Scilly Steamship Company.

Lands End Airport Conveyor System

If you’ve ever had the pleasure of holidaying in Cornwall, it’s possible you’ve also travelled to the Isles of Scilly. To reach this beautiful island group you can either go by ferry, from Penzance, or fly, from Land’s End Airport. Those of you who have flown will be aware that this small airport is – or rather, was – quite run down, and in need of updating. Following the completion of a £1M refurbishment programme the airport is now fully modernised.

CCL’s contribution to this modernisation was to supply and install of two bespoke baggage handling conveyors, set in the airport’s newly built check-in reception. As previously stated, this was an opportunity for us to provide our products and services to the airport sector for the first time, something we have been very keen to do for a long time. It’s been a long term goal of managing director, Steve Wheatley, since he started the business. It made this particular job all the more special.

Lands End Airport Conveyors

Admittedly, Land End Airport is no Heathrow, but that doesn’t mean we take the job any less seriously! No matter what the size of the conveyor job, CCL approach each and every project with a level of professionalism second to none in the conveyor business. This is reflected in the high quality, cost effective conveyor solutions we provide to our customers, time and time again. It’s the reason why companies including Amazon, DHL, Bourne Leisure (Butlins Skyline), and London & Scandinavian Metallurgical Co. Ltd (LSM) choose CCL for convance and materials handling solutions. It’s why we aspire to provide conveyor systems to airports such as Heathrow, Gatwick, Birmingham and Manchester.

Lands End Airport Conveyors

The two conveyors were each constructed from mild steel, and designed to sit side-by-side between two boarding desks. Each is 4000mm in length, with an incline from loading floor level to the conveyor’s apex of one metre at the out-feed end. At this point they convey the luggage through a hole in a partition wall, through to the (hidden) baggage area. From here the luggage is transferred via gravity roller conveyors to the airport baggage handling staff, ready to be loaded on to a light aircraft. Both were fitted with digital weigh scales, so as luggage is initially placed on to them, it’s weight is determined, displayed, checked and conveyed upwards and away via powered belt conveyors.

Lands End Airport Conveyors

Lands End Airport Conveyors

Lands End Airport Conveyors

Lands End Airport Conveyors

This simple and efficient conveyor system for the new baggage handling facility has, in its own small way, contributed to a vast improvement in the traveller experience at Lands End Airport. This, along with a dedicated arrivals area, new Air Traffic Control tower, new passenger terminal features (including a modern café development (seating up to 30 people), stunning panoramic views across the airfield (all the way out towards Longships Lighthouse and the Isles of Scilly), outdoor patio areas, wi-fi access, and comprehensive disabled facilities), upgraded car parks, and security and hangar improvements, will ensure that flying to the Isles of Scilly will be just as pleasurable an experience as the islands themselves, for many years to come.

Bespoke conveyors and conveyor systems for airport baggage handling

For more information on CCL’s bespoke conveyor systems for airport baggage handling, please call Steve Wheatley, managing director, on 01509 816064, for an informal, no obligation chat. Alternatively, complete our enquiry form, or email our sales team.

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