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Conveyors help to bring Greencore meals together on time and within budget

October 16, 2013

Just as with conveyors, good business is often down to a case of good timing. Cooridinating your business’s processes correctly will make all the difference when it comes to success or failure, profit or loss. In the food manufacture and processing industry this is especially true, as our recent conveyors for Greencore, leading international manufacturer of convenience foods, demonstrate.

Food Conveyor

Greencore Group plc is a highly regarded convenience foods manufacturer originating from the Republic of Ireland. Established in 1991 following a flotation (IPO) of the then state-owned Irish Sugar Corporation, Greencore has evolved and grown into one of the food manufacturing industry’s leading players. The company now has 22 facilities across the UK and the United States, employing approximately 11,000 people. The Convenience Foods Division produce a range of chilled, frozen and ambient foods to well known retail, manufacturing and foodservice customers in the United Kingdom and Ireland, and also to many countries in continental Europe, the United States and others around the world.

Central Conveyors were asked to design, manufacture and install a bespoke conveyor merge system, to be integrated into an existing conveyors infrastructure. An increase in production at Greencore has resulted in the introduction of a new packaging sealing machine, and this subsequent output had to be worked into their existing conveyor capacity. Merginging this new line with the pre-exisiting output via one conveyor system involved building conveyors with low friction plastic modular belts, and positioning two bend conveyors side by side. The now converged lines then flowed to a single weight checker and metal detector, saving the need for seperate equipment on seperate lines

Food ProcessingConveyor

Merging two seperate lines into one is always a challenge, with timing being the crucial factor, but Central Conveyors are experienced in the coordination of speed controllers and belts drives. Despite having only had 30 days from concept to install, central Conveyors completed the job on time and to budget.

Food Processing Conveyor

Merge conveyors for food manufacuring and processing

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