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Overhead Laundry Sorter Conveyors

“Overhead mounted conveyors not only offer businesses the opportunity to increase the space available to them for their production process, but introduce different forms of movement which can enhance this process."

Overhead Laundry handling conveyors Overhead Laundry handling conveyors Overhead Laundry handling conveyors Overhead Laundry handling conveyors
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Conveyors for the laundry industry are varied. CCL have experience of providing both floor based conveyor systems and overhead mounted conveyors. In this case the customer cleans a variety of industrial materials, from lightweight overalls to heavy-duty floor matting. The requirement was for conveyors that could read the computer chips embedded into each fabric, sort them and then transfer them into different wheeled baskets accordingly.

Laundry staff needed to be able to freely access the wheeled baskets, removing them when full and replacing them with empty ones. To make matters even more interesting the machine had to fit into a very restricted space. The CCL solution comprised of overhead chain conveyors. The system has a number of ‘platters’ hanging from an overhead drive track. At one end of the machine the overhead track descends to waist level, allowing staff to place garments, matts etc onto them as they move past. The track then climbs upwards above head height towards the sortation zone. Staff place wheeled baskets in one of three specific areas under this zone, based on floor markings.

The garments are scanned and – based on the product code – dumped into one or other of the different baskets by a pneumatic tilt rod. A fourth basket on the return journey is used to capture any reject products, such as where no chip is present, or the chip could not be read.

The system has variable speed motors to allow for different weights of garments (some are easier/faster to load than others). In such a restricted space, health and safety considerations were paramount. To ensure against accidents, the drive track also features a slipping clutch to ensure that staff could not be injured if they walked into the machine, or got themselves stuck on a platter. The entire drive will slip with firm hand pressure on any of the platters.

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