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Laundry Conveyors and Conveyor Systems

“Laundry Conveyor Systems incorporate belt bends, straight PVC belt conveyors, gravity rollers, plastic modular belt and powered rollers. "

Laundry handling conveyors Laundry handling conveyors Laundry handling conveyors Laundry handling conveyors
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Although from a conveyor manufacturers perspective a somewhat simple, this laundry conveyors system is an excellent illustration of how different types of belt conveyors can be mixed and integrated together to acheive an excellent conveyor system solution. With a combination of straights and bends, this system perfectly demonstrates how accommodating and flexible bespoke conveyors can be when it comes to creating a specific layout that both meets the needs of a process and works within the floorspace available.

Much of the chain consists of traditional friction-drive PVC belt conveyors, with 90-degree bend units being used to allow the belt chain to move around obstacles. These conveyors would not though have worked on the final approach to the wrapping machine however, as this required a curve that both reversed on itself, and was irregular. For this final section Central Conveyors utilised a bespoke Plastic Modular Chain Belt, which can follow arbitary radiuses (or even a moving radius point).

Finally, upon exiting from the wrapping machine, the newly prepared laundry was required to be carried through an aperture in a wall and over a short conveyor ‘bridge’ into an adjacent building.

Although not a part of this conveyor system, CCL have also provided overhead conveyors to laundries. These are typically attached to the ceiling and comprise a network of rails and guides which allow hanging attachments to run on. This is a particularly useful way of maximising available space in a business premises, effectively doubling the conveying potential of any given process.

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