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Jaguar Bumper Conveyors

“The product has a high-gloss finish, must have minimum contact with the conveyor, and not be marked or smudged. You can’t use a belt. Oh… and they come in different sizes… so the conveyor will need to expand and contract…"

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When it comes to providing conveyors to our customers there’s no limit to how far we’ll go to ensure they get exactly what they want. It’s one of the reasons so many major UK businesses trust CCL to provide their conveyor solutions.

The customer makes car bumper assemblies for a number of prestigious automobile marques, as Jaguar, and have stringent quality controls imposed upon them. The requirement was a system to move painted assemblies from the painting robots to a quality control inspection area, then onwards to a polishing area, before finally being moved to their storage stillages.

The specification was that there must be minimal contact between the conveyor and the bumper assemblies, that the conveyor must not mark or smudge the assemblies in any way, and that it must be both variable height and variable width in order to accommodate a wide range of different assembly types.

Our solution was to create a dual-track chain conveyor with independent drives. Each track of the conveyor is independently mounted on a mobile frame. By ‘pushing’ two of these units together, you create the final conveyor system. Locking bars allow you to adjust the width between the two tracks, and hence the effective width of the conveyor.

The product itself sits on thousands of metal ‘blades’. Each blade connects to the chain drive below (and is hence propelled down the length of the conveyor, finally disappearing ‘underneath’ the unit for the return trip). The upper surface of each blade – upon which the bumper assemblies sit – is a specialist silicone material that ensures that the assemblies are not marked.

This solution provides only a few square millimeters of contact between the carrying surface (the blades) and the bumper assemblies.

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