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Production and Assembly Conveyors

No matter what your production or assembly line operation, CCL can provide a wide range of bespoke belt conveyors, gravity and powered roller conveyors, overhead cobveyor systems, and additional infrastructure, including bridges. We also provide control systems to allow for multiple speed requirements and bespoke Programmable Logic Controlers (PLC).

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Central conveyors experience of designing, fabricating and installing bespoke production and assembly conveyors is such that we appreciate that every customers requirements are different. Even within the same industry we know that individual customer needs very from company to company, and that’s why all of our conveyor solutions are created bespoke. Tailoring our machines to our customers specific needs ensures that they procure exactly what they require to make sure their production or assembly process performs at its optimum best, saving them both time and money.

This project was in support of a large PC/Laptop assembly/test/packaging operation, and involved belt conveyors, powered conveyors and gravity roller conveyors, overhead systems, and even a bridge. There was also a somewhat complex control system, involving multiple speed controllers working under a Programmable Logic Controler (PLC) to permit selective indexing of conveyors, along with associated warning lights and klaxons.

The requirement in this project was to help a large PC manufacturer to streamline their production/assembly lines. Broadly speaking, the plant was split into four areas:

  • Components storage
  • Assembly line
  • Testing area
  • Final packaging area

These areas had to be linked by the conveyors, allowing rapid and efficient transport between the four areas, as well as accumulation/storage in the final packaging/despatch area. The project involved powered belt conveyors, powered roller bend units, inclined and over head systems, unpowered gravity ‘accumulation’ zones, plus the integration of our control systems with existing conveyors and indicator systems.

Production and assembley conveyors and conveyor systems

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