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Car engine assembly line conveyor

We were asked to Design and Manufacture Bespoke Conveyor system carrying Vauxhalls new engine block through a production line Pre-Engine Dress.

Engine Block assembly conveyor Engine Block assembly conveyor Engine Block assembly conveyor Engine Block assembly conveyor

The system actually consisted of two conveyors. The upper conveyor carries the actual product. The lower conveyor is a "return" conveyor (more on this later).

The conveyor carried special jigs, onto which engine blocks where lowered by crane. design we selected was based around chain-driven roller conveyors, split into 8 separate zones. This gave the strength and rigidity to carry the jigs.

A complex automation control system would move the jigs down the conveyor, stopping as it entered the next zone for the engineering staff to fit components into the engine block. The staff would push a "job complete" button. Once all the engineers on the line had done likewise, the conveyor would move all of the jigs into the next zone (and the crane would load a new engine block back at the beginning of the line). No movement would take place until all the active zones had their "complete" buttons pressed.

By the same token, the jig at the end of the line would be moved into a caged area, and the crane would remove the now-complete block into an output processing area

The now-empty jib would then index onto a scissor lift, which would lower it down to the underslung "return" conveyor, and thence back to the beginning of the line, up on another scissor lift, and then back into service on the upper conveyor, ready for the crane to lower a fresh engine block.

As previously mentioned, this whole process was completely automated, merely requiring the engineers to press their "job complete" buttons when ready, and hence achieving continous production.

Central Conveyors excels in this sort of process automation. If you have any such requirements, please don't hesitate to call us for a chat.