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ATEX Compliant Fuel Pellet Conveyors

A system for feeding fuel pellets into a gasifier. The key criteria for this project was that the conveyors must fit into a very tight footprint, and that it must be ATEX compliant (able to operate in a potentially explosive atmosphere)...

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Our conveyors formed part of a research project into Biomass power generation. The fuel pellets where harmless in and of themselves, but produced a very fine dust if badly disturbed, which could form a potentially explosive atmosphere. Similarly, quantities of methane could be released into the atmosphere at the point when they where loaded into the Degasifying machine. The end result was an operating environment subject to both ATEX Zone 2 and Zone 20, requiring use of Category 3 equipment.

Switchback conveyor configuration
The fuel pellets arrived on a supply lorry, and subsequently required lifting some 6-7m vertically in order to discharge into the Degasifyer. Horizontal space was limited, and hence Central Conveyors had to design a tight “switchback” of three conveyors in order to complete the travel path. This included all supporting steelwork members.

Dust containment
Part of the ATEX compliance required that the system minimise the amount of dust being emitted into the atmosphere. After testing, it was decided that the only significant emissions came from the interchange points between the conveyors. Accordingly, these where enclosed with chutes incorporating an inspection hatch.

Modular Design
It was a project goal that the entire system could be disassembled in the future, transported to an alternative location, and reassembled by the customers own engineers. To this end Central Conveyors designed the conveyors and frames to be modular and easily assembled/disassembled into short units. This was backed by extensive documentation and plans, in both physical and electronic form.

ATEX compliant conveyors for potentially explosive environments

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