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March 21, 2013

To the uninitiated, conveyors are perceived to simply move in a straight line along a length of rollers, but if your business relys on moving materials or products from A to B (and often on to C, D, E etc) you know better. Conveyors come in all shapes and sizes, made bespoke to suit your individual business environment.

bend conveyor bend conveyor bend conveyor bend conveyor

We don’t live in an ideal world, and more often than not the layout and shape of a business premises may not suit the real-world processes your business needs to employ, particularly when it comes to conveyors for materials or products handling. Thankfully 90 degree belt bend conveyor can solve this problem.

By including bends in your conveyor system you can master the problems that space and layout often impose on a business. Suddenly the limitations of a small, squat space can be turned to your advantage. Instead of perceiving aconveyor system as a simple straight line, bends allow you to compress your conveyor layout into the available space. A single 90 degree belt bend conveyor will turn your conveyor route left and/or right; two of them together – creating a 180 degree bend – will allow your conveyor route to turn back on itself, run parallel to the previous conveyor section, thus maximising your available space, and so on.

With 90 degree belt bend conveyor systems the possibilities are endless, providing an adaptive conveyor solution for manufacturing, food production, warehouse, parcel distribution, logistics, airport baggage handling, in fact any and all other product and material handling environments. One such example that CCL have recently provided a bend conveyor system to is for a laundry application, pictured.

Though the principle of the bend conveyor is constant across all business types and industries, the manufacturing specifications unique to each environment are easily achievable. As a maker of bespoke conveyor systems, CCL design and manufacture bend conveyors in a wide variety of materials, each specifically choosen to meet the regulations unique to each of our customers requirements. We’ll use stainless teel for food processing conveyors; mild steel with a powder coat for a laundry conveyor system.

Conveyor belting is no different. We’ll typically employ PVC belts, such as we did for this laundry conveyor, but we also use plastic modular belts, or PU (Polyurethane) belts, depending on what our customers working environment requires. It’s this attention to detail, and our understanding of our customers needs, that make CCL a leading UK conveyor system provider.