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CCL’s conveyors support team are with you every step of the way, and beyond

October 08, 2012

At CCL we design, manufacture, install and maintain conveyors. This thorough knowledge of the machines and of the industries which they are used in allows for us to provide the very best service for our clients regardless of which stage in the process we join them. Whereas other companies act as a go-between connecting clients with a separate supplier, we provide a tailored service ensuring that every system we install is individual to that specific client. And we do not stop there.

We also provide a training service to bring your staff up to speed with general machine maintenance to get the very best out of your conveyors lifespan, which will in turn keep your repair costs to a minimum. We also provide services that involve repair work, check-ups and machine maintenance, ideal for those situations that require the shortest ‘downtime’ and require your machines up and running as soon as possible with minimum disruption to your business.

Here at CCL we pride ourselves on our industry knowledge and our relationships with our clients. Once installed, we know which parts of the machine face the most stress and are thus more likely to wear out first; we can then supply the tailor made parts and show you how to install them to ensure your business loses as little time as possible if the worst happens.

For more information e-mail CCL, or call us on 01509 816064 for either a quote or advice on which conveyors would best suit your business needs, CCL conveyors or conveyor systems.