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Exciting developments at CCL as our conveyors reach new customers and markets

April 12, 2013

At CCL we have an enviable reputation for producing bespoke conveyors and conveyor systems for a wide variety of businesses and industries, but we never rest on our laurels. We’re continually improving on our already high quality products and services, while at the same time ensuring that our customers get the best value for money around.

Incline Conveyor

Recent developments at CCL have proved very exciting with projects coming to completion that will see our product exposure and customer base move forward in a very positive way. We can’t go into too much detail just now – we always respect our customers right to commercial confidentiality – but will say that we’ll be introducing you to these developments via this blog in the coming months.

Our dedication to our craft, and our understanding of how our conveyors can improve our customers businesses mean that you can always rely on Central Conveyors for the very best in materials and product handling conveyance no matter what your industry or sector. You can view a selection of our case studies and blogs to get an idea of the variety we provide conveyor systems for.

At Central Conveyors we appreciate that you need more ‘bang for your buck’, and as such a cost effective conveyor solution that not only meets your exacting needs but gives you the best value for money available. Rest assured we never forget this. CCL will always deliver the best engineering solution at the most cost effective price.

Bespoke conveyors and conveyor systems for your business

For more information on CCL conveyor systems please contact Steve Wheatley, managing director, on 01509 816064. We’re here to listen to your conveying needs, and our experience and expertise mean we are confident of proving you with a bespoke conveyor solution to meet your exacting needs.