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Swan neck conveyors for McVities

January 07, 2014

Conveyors come in all shapes, lengths and sizes, depending on the task they’re created for and the environment they’re to be used in. Some production processes require the constant removal of waste materials, or in the case of snack food brand McVities, excess ingredients. Our swan neck conveyors for the famous biscuit maker do just that.

Food Grade Swan Neck Conveyors


Waste Removal Conveyors for Covpress

June 11, 2013

If you’re a regular follower of our conveyors blog, you may remember a bespoke, heavy duty swan neck conveyor we produced for midlands-based automotive parts manufacturer, Covpress. It was a very serious piece of kit, and it’s no secret that any heavy industry specification conveyor will have cost a pretty penny or two. So before they trusted us with that heavy duty project, Covpress commissioned CCL to produce eight medium duty waste removal conveyors.

Swan Neck Conveyor


Central Conveyors heavy duty swan neck conveyor for Covpress

June 03, 2013

For Central Conveyors it’s a validation of the trust and confidence in the quality of our products and services we provide, when leading British companies, significant in their own industries, select us to provide materials handling conveyor solutions. One such company are midlands-based Covpress Holding Ltd, a key supplier to the automotive industry.

Heavy Duty Swan Neck Conveyor