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November 05, 2012

Whenever you stay at a hotel you usually take a moment of your time to consciously review the food, the room, and how you slept, this is one of the defining universal traits of being human. What people rarely give a moments thought to is the amount of mess that a hotel full of people will make, and the lengths that are gone to to provide the service you receive. This is particularly true of the laundry that a hotel continuously get through. This is where CCL conveyors can benefit you.


A good conveyor system should work in harmony, much like its employees

October 18, 2012

We love a good challenge here at CCL, one of more recent tasks was to create a system suitable for a laundry company that required a variety of conveyors in order for it to achieve its desired effect. And like all good conveyor systems, CCL pulled together, used our different strengths and managed to complete the project effectively, much to our clients delight.

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