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CCL conveyors take corners better than Ronaldo

November 22, 2012

It may not seem obvious but conveyors are excellent when having to manoeuver objects around corners in a building. They’re also ideal for scaling multiple levels within a building.

Conveyor Bends


The Belt Conveyor vs Chain Driven Belt Conveyors

November 02, 2012

Which is best? Interestingly there is more of a competition here than first meets the eye. The standard belt conveyor is cheap, flexible, simple to use and excellent at transporting smaller goods smoothly. Chain belt conveyors are powerful, good at ascending inclines, and excellent at transporting large, heavy and cumbersome loads. This promises to be a titanic tussle between two of the conveyor industry’s most relied upon and over worked conveyor systems.


Gravity roller conveyors – an oldie but most definitely a goody

October 01, 2012

Gravity Roller Conveyors

We are often told to learn from the mistakes of history but what of the successes? Humans have been building and transporting heavy objects for centuries and some of those principles are still in use today. Considered to be one of the oldest forms of transporting heavy objects from A to B – a technique apparently employed when creating Stonehenge (just don’t ask how they got the top sections on!). Here at CCL we appreciate processes that work, regardless how longstanding there origins, especially if they aid your production methods in the process and improves productivity.


The impact of conveyor systems across the food industry

September 20, 2012

food conveyors

If good food is supposed to tell the story of life, then what about the story of your food? Often forgotten, but nonetheless important, our conveyors play a key role in the food production industry.


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