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Chain driven roller conveyor assists in the removal of nuclear waste for Magnox

January 22, 2014

Each and every one of the conveyors and conveyor systems that CCL design, fabricate and install are produced to the highest possible standards for the industry they are intended to be used in, thus ensuring that our customers receive a machine that meets their bespoke, exacting needs. That said, some industries require an attention to detail and delivery of specification beyond our usual level of excellence, such as when Magnox asked us to provide a chain driven roller conveyor to assist in the removal of nuclear waste.

Chain driven roller conveyor for Magnox

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Swan neck conveyors for McVities

January 07, 2014

Conveyors come in all shapes, lengths and sizes, depending on the task they’re created for and the environment they’re to be used in. Some production processes require the constant removal of waste materials, or in the case of┬ásnack food brand McVities, excess ingredients. Our swan neck conveyors for the famous biscuit maker do just that.

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