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Conveyors jargon buster: The Slip Clutch

October 31, 2012

The slip clutch is an essential attribute to the conveyor belt systems repertoire. It is mainly utilised in reference to accumalation conveyor systems as it is stops products on the conveyor belt from falling off of the edge, or piling up and causing a headache – and a lot of work – for the conveyor operatives on shift. More Info

Slat and plate link conveyors: the differences

October 29, 2012

Both have the apperance of tank tracks but we wanted to show that apperances can, indeed, be decieving… More Info

Powered roller conveyors and conveyor systems: Chain drive vs Roller shaft drive

October 26, 2012

Whilst these two conveyors look very similar one is passively powered and one is postively powered. Both of these conveyor systems need to have powered rollers in order to move their products along, however the differences start to present themselves when one looks at what the rollers are transporting, and as a result, how they are powered. More Info

From the purchase of conveyors to after sale conveyor system support, we are with you at every stage

October 22, 2012

Here at CCL, bespoke conveyor systems from Leicester, we offer the complete, tailored-made package to you, from the initial design of your individual conveyor up to the servicing of your machine many years down the line we offer our services and support at every stage of the manufacturing process. More Info