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Waste disposal conveyors: the secret to a safer workplace

September 27, 2012

Waste. It is just a small five letter word, though every city around the world produces tons of it each and every year. From plastics to paper, to leftover food and broken bottles there are mountains of it collected daily, culminating in Material Recovery Facilities (MRFs) always battling for space. Such competition for space in sorting plants can quickly become a dangerous environment for employees on the sorting floor, so any opportunity which can reduce this risk is welcomed by employers and employees alike. More Info

From A to B to UK: Parcel and package distribution conveyors keep Britain moving forward

September 24, 2012

Unless your business already benefits from the flexibility and efficiency of conveyors, it may be hard for you to fully appreciate the awesome power and influence of these essential business machines. Without conveyors, UK PLC would grind to a halt – in many industries quite literally! This is especially true of the parcel and package distribution sector, an industry CCL has great experience of designing, fabricating and installing conveyors and conveyor systems. More Info

The impact of conveyor systems across the food industry

September 20, 2012

If good food is supposed to tell the story of life, then what about the story of your food? Often forgotten, but nonetheless important, our conveyors play a key role in the food production industry. More Info

Slow, slow, quick quick slow! CCL assembly line conveyors move at your production pace

September 17, 2012

No matter how large or small your product, the chances are that CCL can create a bespoke assembly line conveyor system specifically designed to meet the real world needs of your exact production process. Subject to size and weight, you can build your product on the actual conveyor. We’ve had plenty of experience producing such conveyors and conveyor systems for various industries, including for the production of automobile components and vehicle assembly. More Info